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  • There have been 33 attempts at the Wainwrights Round in one form or another

  • Of these, 17 have been successful completions

  • 21 different people have attempted the Wainwrights Round in one form or another (including Chris Bland). Of these, only three – Mel Steventon, Sabrina Verjee and Carol Morgan – have been women

  • Eight contenders have made more than one attempt

  • Laurie Crayston has made the most attempts (five); then Sabrina Verjee (four); then Carol Morgan (three)

  • James Gibson is the only person to have completed a winter Wainwrights

  • There have been as many successful completions in the past two years as the preceding four decades


It is hard to precisely tell the story of the Wainwrights Round in a graph - the differences in route, the sheer number of fells, the time period and the number of stopping points all compounds to frustrate simple visual comparisons. Nevertheless, there are some summary illustrations we can draw.

The first shows the cumulative time to reach the 214 fells. Given the Wainwrights cover such a large distance, the route variations and stop times even out in this form of analysis. The second compares the moving and stopped times of the record holders. Many thanks to Steve Birkinshaw for supplying some of the modern-day data.


The table below sets out every known attempt at the Wainwrights Round, in all forms (supported, self-supported and unsupported).


Wainwrights-summary progress.jpeg
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