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Fast and Notable Rounds

Fast rounds

I keep a spreadsheet log of the split times from record rounds, which allows for some simple analysis and comparison of times. This document summarises the results.

The data is based on trackers, Strava traces and published actual schedules. Some sources include seconds; others just minutes. Either way, it is best to treat the table as a general guide rather than precise record. The final column in the men's and women's sections is the fastest split of any man or woman (respectively). Aggregating these splits gives a fun, if wholly notional, 'fastest round'. Assuming no rest stops (!), this comes out as 11h 35m for the men and 14h 21m for the women.

Notable rounds

In researching the new version of 42 Peaks, I compiled a list of a number of 'notable' rounds. There is no strict definition to this; it is simply rounds which felt of certain historical importance. This included all 'record' rounds.

Since publication, and thanks to the tireless work of Bob Wightman of the Bob Graham Club, nearly all the information is now available on the Club's searchable database, which lists all qualifying rounds (generally a person's first round which qualifies them for Club membership) and some other records (see here).

If you are looking for information on a specific notable round or record, feel free to contact me and I will see if I can help.

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