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A Tribute to the Round
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Many of the pages in this part of the site reproduce text from A Tribute to the Round, a short book on the route of the Bob Graham Round. The book was written during the (first) Covid-19 lockdown to raise funds for Keswick Mountain Rescue Team. 


While much excellent and absorbing material has been written about the people of the round and its records, I have long had a fascination in the route, in particular its history and the different ways of travelling between the fells. The combination of Covid and two small children meant the keyboard was easier to reach than the fells, hence a little book.

So far, over £2,000 has been raised for Mountain Rescue.

A preview copy of the book is available here in pdf form.

If you would like to support KMRT and receive a full, professionally printed copy of the book, you can either:

1. Pick up a copy from Bookends in Keswick or Sam Read in Grasmere. Each of the bookshops offer an excellent mail order service; or

2. Send £11 here. I will then happily post you a copy. If for any reason Paypal does not allow you to specify a delivery address, just email it to me

Thank you and happy reading.

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