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England's Everest: From the Turn of the Century to Bob Graham's Record
Fellrunner (Autumn 2020)

This page provides some further information to reference the information presented in an article published in the Autumn 2020 edition of The Fellrunner. The article is the second in a series on the history of the Lake District 24-Hour Fell Record. A soft copy of the article (without images or typesetting) is available here. The first instalment is available here​.

These notes are set out in the order in which the relevant item appears in the article.

Notes: [endx] notation refers to the "endeavour code", essentially a unique identifier for each record attempt or walk. A full reference table is available here. [idnx] refers to newspaper references; [idx] refers to all other sources. Full references are available here



  • Wakefield’s quotation is from his 1906 article in the Climbers' Club Journal [id031].​ This source is also the best account of his 1905 record, including the full list of calamities

  • An excellent summary of Wakefield's life may be found in his 'in memoriam' from the Climbers' Club Journal of 1949 [id004]

  • Fuller descriptions of Wakefield's experience on the Everest Expedition can be found in W. Davies's Into the Silence: The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of Everest [id109] and R. Bayne's 2003 article in the Journal of Medical Biography [id099]

  • "Voice was shaken by sobs of grief" from [id099]

  • Extract from Wakefield's war-time letter home from the Fell and Rock Climbing Club Journal of 1915 [id105]


  • Quotation as recounted by Wakefield in the Climbers' Club Journal of 1906 [id031]

  • The best material on Dawson and his bog-trotting 'crowd' is available in E. Byne's and G. Sutton's High Peak: The Story of Walking and Climbing in the Peak District [id024]. This is also the source for the "pathological grievance" quotation

  • Fell and Rock Climbing Club quotation from J. Westaway's article in Sport in History [id020]


  • Biographical detail on Eustace Thomas from S. Dean's article in the Climbers' Club Journal of 2002-03 [id079]

  • A fascinating and much fuller description of Thomas's system of training can be found in his article for the Rucksack Club Journal of 1921 [id028]. This is also the source for the various quotations used

  • Quotation from Thomas's timetable from A. Abraham's account of Thomas's 1920 record from the Fell and Rock Climbing Club Journal of the same year [id001]


  • I have searched high and low for a primary (i.e. contemporaneous) source for Bob Graham's failed 1931 round, but I am so far unsuccessful. However, it is noted in a large number of secondary sources

  • Quotation on Chapman's future (but ultimately unfulfilled) intentions from Yorkshire Post and Leeds Intelligencer, 23 May 1932 [idn122]


  • Description of Bob Graham's two failed improvements on his record from Lancashire Evening Post (24 June 1933) [idn093], Dundee Evening Telegraph (26 June 1933) [idn091], Daily Herald (26 June 1933) [idn092] and Penrith Observer (27 June 1933) [idn090]​. The quotation is from the Daily Herald article

  • F. Rogerson quotation from his article in the Alpine Journal of 1976 [id032]

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