This page lists the various source material for the Lake District 24-Hour Fell Record. Sources are split between:​

1. Sources

2. Newspaper sources [separate page, see here]

3. Sources yet to be acquired

Any information in relation to a source in category 3 is very much appreciated (do email me at peterwmcdonald <AT> or use the contact page).

1. Sources

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3. Sources yet to be acquired [return to top]

ELLIOTT, J. M. (1864). Entry in Wasdale Head Inn Visitor Book 

RICHARDSON, K. (2009). The Life and Times of the Legendary Lake District Fell Runner and Shepherd Joss Naylor [id27]

WESTAWAY, Jonathan (2011). 'The Outdoor Movement, Physicality and Physical Cultures: Dietary Regime and the 1920 and 1922 Lake District Endurance Records' [id75]