Newspaper sources

This page lists newspaper source material for the Lake District 24-Hour Fell Record. Sources are ordered by date. So far, research has focused on the period from 1832 to 1904.

Note: many articles were available in other publications than the ones listed below (sometimes the same piece was reproduced in a large number of other periodicals, often in different levels of detail). Facsimiles are not included in this list. 

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24 August 1832. Pedestrianism. Morning Advertiser [idn62]

1850 - 1900

19 August 1865. A Mountaineering Feat. Bury Times [idn52]

6 August 1869. Cork Constitution [idn89]

7 August 1869. Fatal Accident in Switzerland. Bedfordshire Mercury [idn88]

10 August 1869. Melancholy Death of a Brighton Clergyman. Kentish Gazette [idn83]

23 June 1870. Pedestrian Exploit in the Lake District. Northern Echo [idn79]

1 July 1870. Pedestrian Feat Among the Cumberland Lakes. Newcastle Courant [idn56]

1 July 1870. Newcastle Courant [idn80]

9 July 1870. Pedestrian Exploit in the Lake District. Staffordshire Advertiser [idn64]

6 July 1871. A Day's Journey on the Cumberland Mountains. Whitehaven News [idn71]

6 July 1871. A Day’s Journey on the Cumberland Mountains. Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer [idn59]

1 August 1871. An Adventure in the Lake District. Penrith Observer [idn53]

5 August 1871. An English Mountaineering Adventure. The Enniscorthy News, and County of Wexford Advertiser [idn44]

26 August 1871. Remarkable Mountaineering Feat. Westmorland Gazette [idn45]

29 August 1871. To the Editor, regarding "Remarkable Mountain Feat". Penrith Observer [idn46]


30 August 1871. Mountaineering in the Lake District. Birmingham Daily Gazette [idn60]

31 August 1872. Public Men and Public Affairs. The Graphic [idn75]

13 July 1876. Good Walking. Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer [idn78]

26 May 1883. A Remarkable Feat of Mountaineering. English Lakes Visitor [idn18]

6 June 1883. Athletic News [idn17]

15 May 1890. A Long Walk in the Lake District. Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer [idn16]

19 January 1894. Mountain Walking in the Lake District. Lakes Herald [idn41]

6 January 1894. A Day in the Cumberland Fells. Carlisle Express and Examiner [idn11]

9 August 1895. A Notable Walk in the Lake District. Edinburgh Evening News [idn9]

9 August 1895. A Long Walk in the Lake District. Carlisle Journal [idn13]

10 August 1895. The Lake Fells Walking Record. Shields Daily Gazette [idn32]

13 August 1895. A Round Walk on the Fells. Penrith Observer [idn86]

24 August 1895. Bucks Herald [idn77]

4 May 1897. Carlisle Journal [idn15]

7 June 1898. A Record Walk in the Lake District. Penrith Observer [idn73]

11 June 1898. Here and There. Westmorland Gazette [idn27]

18 June 1898. Here and There. Westmorland Gazette [idn12]

20 September 1898. Penrith Observer [idn70]

8 October 1898. A Record Walk in Lakeland. Cumberland & Westmorland Herald [idn55]

1 November 1898. Another Mountaineering Record. Penrith Observer [idn72]

8 April 1899. Fell Climbing in Cumberland. Sporting Life [idn8]

​11 May 1899. Mountaineering in Lakeland. Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer [idn14]

23 May 1899. Walking in the Lake District. Penrith Observer [idn7]

1900 - 1950

20 September 1901. Mountaineering in the Lake District. Shields Daily Gazette [idn2]


25 September 1901. Breaking a Record on the Lake District Mountains. Lakes Chronicle and Reporter [idn26]

2 October 1901. To the Editor. Lakes Chronicle and Reporter [idn25]

29 November 1902. About the Bishop of Uganda: A Mountaineering Record. Globe [idn63]

3 December 1902. Bishop Tucker’s Exploits. Lakes Chronicle and Reporter [idn57]

13 December 1902. Countryside Crack. West Cumberland Times [idn3]

15 May 1903. Our Walking and That of Our Ancestors. The Manchester Guardian [idn33, id8]

5 June 1903. Walking Matches in Whit-week. Manchester Guardian [id9]

5 June 1903. Sporting Notes. Nottingham Evening Post [idn24]

5 June 1903. Fell Walking in the Lake District. The Scotsman [idn54]

11 June 1903. A Fell Walking Record. Soulby's Ulverston Advertiser and General Intelligencer [idn28]

15 June 1903. Walking Records in the Fells. Sunderland Daily Echo and Shipping Gazette [idn51]

23 September 1903. The Scawfell Disaster. Yorkshire Evening Post [idn4]

24 September 1903. The Dangers of Scawfell. Dundee Evening Post [idn5]

25 September 1903. Awful Disaster on Scafell. Lakes Herald [idn40]

25 September 1903. Carlisle Journal [idn19]

1 August 1904. A New Fell-Walking Record. Manchester Guardian [id10]


​21 August 1905. A Record Fell Walk. Sheffield Daily Telegraph [idn49]

2 March 1906. Notable Fell Walks. The Manchester Guardian [idn35]


2 March 1906. Editorial. Manchester Guardian [id11]

16 June 1914. Obituary: Bishop Tucker. Newcastle Journal [idn61]

15 July 1916. A Lake District Feat. Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News [idn1]

15 June 1922. A Great Mountain Walk. Manchester Guardian [id12, idn36]

4 July 1931."Peak Bagging": Lake District Fell Walker's 100 miles in 33 Hours. Manchester Guardian [id13]

21 May 1932. Lakeland Climbing Record: Attempt on 33 Peaks in 24 Hours. The Manchester Guardian [idn39]

23 May 1932. Mr. Chapman's Attempt Fails. The Manchester Guardian [idn37]

1932. Unknown. The Manchester Guardian [idn87]

14 March 1935. Yorkshire Evening Post [idn82]

1950 - present

12 July 1954. Mist Ends Attempt on Fell Record. The Manchester Guardian [idn38]

30 July 2010. Freemasons Celebrate a Gem of a Discovery of Darlington Sportsman. The Northern Echo [idn81] Available here

29 April 2019. Alan Heaton obituary. The Times [idn85]

Newspaper sources to acquire

Lancashire Evening Post [Article by A. H. Griffin in 1960 encouraging people to take up Robert Graham's record]

Observer [Chris Brasher columns (in 1972?) re: Joss Naylor record [reference in Askwith, p.176, id2]]