This is a chapter from 'A Tribute to the Round', a short book on the Bob Graham Round, written for charity and available here

42 fells in 24 hours is more than a palindrome; it is a day-long tour through some of the finest fells in Lakeland.


The traditions of the Bob Graham Round are wonderfully relaxed on the manner in which a round is completed: all that matters is visiting the peaks within the prescribed period. They can be gained in any order and by any route.


The purpose of this short book is to describe all the different ways of threading together a round. While much is written about the records and people of the round, there is far less reported on the route itself. This account therefore describes the transitions between the fells: what are the choices available, what are the implications and what is the history of the ground being travelled over?


In keeping with the spirit of the Bob Graham Club, this is not a walkthrough guide. The best way to learn the fells is to spend time on them, ideally in support of others. That said, some of the route options have different environmental implications and I hope the descriptions can play a very small part in helping prospective contenders come to a personal decision on the impact they wish to have on the fells.


With that in mind, this is but a humble tribute to the route of the Bob Graham Round and its Lake District home.