Bob Graham Round Route Choices

Welcome to Bob Graham Round route choices. These pages seek to describe all the route options relating to the round.

Please note: this section of the site is being updated over Winter 2019 / 2020

Successful completions of the BGR are of course are not the same. An important but often under-reported aspect is the specific route chosen by the contender.


The club rules are remarkably silent on this vital element. The only constraints imposed on the round are its start point, the peaks to gain and the end point. Contenders can travel between these points in any fashion and in any order. In practice, topography and its implications for speed narrow the theoretical set of options significantly. But that still leaves a number of interesting and perfectly credible choices.


The purpose of this exercise is to explore these comprehensively. What are the choices available, what are the implications, how do they stack up in aggregate, what is common and what is rare?


This is not about route finding and especially not line finding. It does not negate the need for a serious recce, although if it leads to fewer recces of different options then that would be a good thing given the increasing footfall on the round.


Instead, this is about instances in which a contender must choose between two or more genuinely credible routes between two BGR milestones (usually peaks). Above all, it is a tribute to the diversity of the round.

For those seeking a fuller route description or scheduling information, please visit Bob Wightman's excellent site.

Page guide   The round is split into the traditional five legs and each has a page of its own. A separate page is dedicated to anti-clockwise round and some "personal notes in conclusion" may also be found. Please read the technical note in order to understand the basis for the numbers presented.  

Summary   A summary article for Fellrunner magazine was published in Spring 2018 and is available here.

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