This page contains biographical notes on each person featured in the history of the Lake District 24-Hour Fell Record. At this stage, the vast majority are simply in note form. So far, research has focused on the period from 1832 to 1904.

Barnes, Matthew [MBA]

A Portinscale "celebrated guide" [idn018], known to have climbed Pillar Rock. Said to have found a new way up Pillar Rock [p.129, id82], but this has been questioned. Either way, he made it to the top and so was clearly a competent climber by the standards of the time

Beard, Eric​ [EBE]

Beatty, Ernest​ [ERB]

Of Stanwix [idn72]

Bell​, T [BLL]

​Man from Ambleside accompanying the four Tucker brothers on [end7]

Bennet, John [JBE]

A guide at Mackereth's Hotel, the Old Dungeon Ghyll.

Bradshaw, Stan [STB]

Second man to complete the BGR (after Heaton). Also completed a round of the 2,500 ft mountains of Lakeland [Griffin, p.100, id37]

Broadrick, Henry Crewdson [HCB]

One of three Windermere brothers.


Broadrick, R. W. [RWB]

​Died in a climbing accident on Scafell.

Chapman, Freddy Spencer [FSC]

Explorer, mountaineer, schoolmaster, author. Part of the British Arctic Air Route Expedition in 1930-31 to Greenland, a land-based expedition to investigate the potential for use of Arctic airspace for transatlantic flights (mapping the country to compose an air route involving ocean crossings of no more than 300 miles). He turned to the Fell Record on his return, before returning to Greenland.

Coward, Fleming [FLC]

A guide.

Clark, Joseph​ [JCL]

Resident of Keswick.

Dance, Ted [TED]

Dawson, Benjamin [BDA]

Employed by Elterwater Gunpowder Works.

Dawson, Cecil [CDA]

An early access pioneer and legendary fell walker from Manchester.

​Elliott, Rev. Julius Marshall [JME]   - 1869

Reverend at St. Mary's Chapel Brighton and educated at Trinity College, Cambridge​. Killed by falling from the Schreckhorn in the Alps. Travelling with his familiar guide, this was part of his Swiss programme. It was perfect weather. As the climb progressed and rocks were reached, Elliott chose not to follow his fellow climbers and rope up. As they neared the summit on snow-cut steps, indeed at a moment of tragically premature congratulation, Elliott is said to have slipped. In what must have been a heart-stopping moment, a companion caught his arm in the briefest of instants, but tragically failed to hold him. He fell at least one thousand feet. The party could mount no useful rescue given where he fell, however it is exceptionally doubtful whether such an endeavour would have served any practical purpose.

Gibbs [GIB]

Must have been a climber as there are references to him in the Wasdale visitor book (for example, 31 March 1893).

Graham, Robert (Bob)​ [BGR]

Lived at Barrow House, a few miles out of Keswick.

Grisedale, Thomas [TGR]

A Langdale shepherd.

Heaton, Alan [AHE]

"Number 1" member of the Bob Graham Club

Heaton, Ken [KHE]

Jenkinson, Henry Irwin [HIJ]

Author of Practical Guide to the English Lake District.​ Led a 2,000-strong crowd on an organised trespass of Latrigg (a portent of the Kinder Scout protest)

Johnson, S. B.​ [SBJ]

Mackereth​ [MAC]

Grasmere guide.

Naylor​, Joss [JNY]

Oppenheimer, Lehmann [LEO]

​From Manchester. Supported one of Broadrick's endeavours and a famous climber noted in many histories

Palmer, W T [WTP]

From Burnside.

Pilkington, Charles [CPI]

Pilkington, Edward [EPI]

Pilkington, Lawrence [LPI]

Pilkington, Thomas [TPI]

Poole, William [WPO]

From Elterwater, Langdale. Employed by Elterwater Gunpowder Works (Westmorland)

Robinson, John Wilson [JWR]

Thomas, Eustace [EUT]

Tucker, Alfred Robert [RAT]​   1849 - 1914

A celebrated missionary, but initially a Lakeland artist.


Tucker, Frederick [FRT]   1854 - 1935

Tucker, Edward Jr. [EJT]   1848 - 1909

Also known as Edward Arden.

Tucker, Hubert [HUT]   1851 - 1921

Also known as Hubert Coutts

Wakefield, Arthur [AWW]   c.1877 - ​​

Walker, Harrison [HWA]

Resident of Keswick.

Watson, Thomas [TWA]   1840 - 

Westmorland, Ned [NEW]

​One of the Westmorland brothers.

Wilson [WIL]   

A Borrowdale guide.